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Spraying robot

Introduction of spraying robots

Spraying robot, also known as painting robot, can be automatically sprayed or sprayed with other paint industrial robots; paint robot generally hydraulic drive, with action speed, explosion-proof performance is good; automatic painting robot widely used in automotive, instrumentation, Enamel and other areas of production technology.

Spray robot picture display

Advantages of spraying robots

1, precise spraying, normal running time, paint consumption province, the work of the beat is short, can be 24 hours of uninterrupted work, high reliability.
2, spraying speed, uniform spraying, according to the workpiece automatically adjust the level of spray, before and after the angle position, spray size control flexibility, 360-degree all-round no dead ends spraying.
3, Ikewell design spraying robot explosion-proof, environmental protection, high safety performance, easy operation and control.
4, spraying robots can also spray 2 - 5 different products, one arrived more than one.
5, spraying robot long life, no wearing parts, maintenance is simple.

Robot spraying system

Traditionally applied to electrostatic processing, the automated coating systems offered by Danbach are able to meet a wide range of spray applications, such as automotive parts Processing, etc.), recycling industry (liquid, powder), wood industry, agricultural equipment, household appliances, consumer electronics, aerospace and optics.

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