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Inertial navigation the AGV

Introduction to inertial navigation AGV

Inertial navigation AGV products, is a combination of high-precision gyroscopes and encoders as a navigation device to vehicle electronic map as a new generation of positioning and path planning intelligent AGV products. Relative to the magnetic navigation AGV products, inertial navigation AGV products for the trackless navigation AGV products, can not be driven by a fixed route, with greater freedom of movement, particularly suitable for intelligent warehousing logistics, shop assembly and other mobile applications, especially for more AGV work in parallel.

Product Advantages of Inertial Navigation AGV of

1, no track navigation, users do not need to lay the magnetic stripe, do not need a laser sensor or launch plate.
2, the use of vehicle electronic map positioning method, AGV can move all-round, full freedom to move.
3, a higher degree of intelligence, you can automatically avoid, congestion control more flexible.
4, the real AGVS products, and ERP, WMS software interface to complete the dynamic path generation and task automatically assigned function.
5, powerful traffic control software support, support map editing, task scheduling, dynamic call and task real-time monitoring, reporting statistics and more.
6, supports a variety of application scenarios, can support transfer, lifting, forklifts and other types of body.

Inertial navigation AGV is suitable for the following cases

1, the need for AGV full freedom of movement, rather than a fixed route;
2, multi-AGV collaborative task, the path laying complex, or the distance is too long;
3, the space is narrow, you need AGV forward, backward or lateral movement;
4, the other is not convenient to lay the application of magnetic stripe.

Inertial navigation AGV specification parameters

product name Latent traction Latent lift Carry the load
Body dimensions custom made
 Load form Latent traction  Latent lift Carry the load
load capacity 0-1500 kg 0-1000 kg 0-1500 kg
speed 0-60m / min (speed can automatically switch)
Guidance accuracy ± 10 mm
Parking accuracy ± 10 mm
Gradeability ≤3%
AGV control mode automatic / manual
AGV navigation mode Inertial navigation
AGV drive mode Steering gear
AGV walking way Forward, backward, turn left and right,
Wireless communication Internal LAN (wifi)
Safety guards Walking contact bumper + laser non-contact collision avoidance sensor + sound and light alarm + system dynamic monitoring
Electrical wiring In accordance with the electrical installation standards and user requirements
Power display Touch screen with battery power indicator, when the battery is low alarm
Driving route When multiple routes cross, you can follow the required route
Use of the environment The AGV vehicle satisfies the production environment conditions of the consumer plant
Quality and Safety AGV car composite state-related quality standards, environmental standards, electrical safety standards
Normal turning radius > 1000 mm
Battery Lithium Battery / Lead Acid Battery (24V)
Charging method Automatic charging or manual charging

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