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BTAD-CZ data acquisition card

Performance of BTAD-CZ Data Acquisition Card

1, support MODBUS RTU / MODBUS TCP / TCPIP / HTTP standard protocol;
2, suitable for industrial site power (24V DC, with the general PLC power supply);
3, the measurement signal range: ± 30Mv / 100Mv / 500Mv / 1V;
4, the resolution: 22-24Bit;

BTAD-CZ data acquisition card

1, the temperature coefficient: ≤ 5ppm / ℃ (typical);
2, the bare board size (L × W × H, mm);
3, with analog to digital conversion, digital calibration, peeled, zero, zero tracking, boot zero, anti-shake and other functions;
4, all settings are done through the serial port;
5, MODBUS address can be set (0 ~ 99), can be expanded to bus communication;
6, MODBUS RTU baud rate, check bits can be selected (1200 ~ 38400bps), the data output format can be selected;
7, MODBUS TCP communication speed (10-100M), the data output format can be selected;
8, digital filtering: According to different occasions to select the appropriate filter;
9, the measurement sampling rate can be selected, the range 3.125 ~ 400Hz;
10, the characteristics of non-volatile storage parameters, power is still preserved after the parameters;
11, the working voltage: 24V DC power supply (can be changed 6.5-12V DC power supply); working current ≤ 40mA;
12, a comprehensive protection: anti-reverse, anti-over-voltage, instant suppression, multiple protection;
13, the use of temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃; storage temperature range: -60 ℃ ~ +90 ℃.

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