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Application of AGV forklift in smart factory

With the vigorous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, factory intelligence has become an irreversible development trend. With the intelligent and automated manufacturing of large-scale robots instead of labor, the current can be said to be a span of the intelligent era. The handling robot AGV forklift can be used in raw materials, off-line, warehousing and goods storage. Instead of artificially improving efficiency, it has gradually expanded in various industries in recent years.

smart factory agv forklift

The AGV forklift undertakes important logistics handling in the entire smart factory. The intelligent handling system based on AGV forklift is the gateway for connecting real logistics and information flow in the factory. Its system includes intelligent, informational and networked. Large module.

Intelligent, with the advancement of implementation, control, self-learning and other technologies, the current AGV forklift can self-build application environment map, flexible preparation of various paths, large-scale cross-floor operation, outdoor automatic loading, stereo library docking, remote control Wait. Informatization, AGVS (AGV Forklift Intelligent Logistics System) can seamlessly interface with management systems such as ERP, MES, WMS, and RFID to open the entire information flow in the plant. Networking, with the advancement of multi-robot coordination, control, communication and other technologies, AGVS can simultaneously control and control hundreds of AGVs, adopt intelligent traffic control algorithms, save traffic control waiting time, and improve the efficiency of AGV forklift cluster operation. (large-scale application case in the tire industry).

The rational use of AGV forklifts not only saves manpower, material resources and financial resources, but also creates a production environment for man-machine cooperation. With the development of intelligent equipment, the AGV forklift will become more and more intelligent in the future, and it will involve more industries to undertake more job responsibilities and become an important assistant for human beings.

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