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AGV cars are becoming more and more popular

AGV is the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle, which means "automatic guided transport vehicle". The AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, capable of traveling along a prescribed guiding path, with safety protection and various transfer functions.

So why is AGV getting more and more popular now?

popular agv cars

(1) High degree of automation;

Controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, laser reflectors, etc.

When a certain part of the workshop needs auxiliary materials, the staff inputs relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal sends the information to the central control room, and the professional technician sends instructions to the computer. Under the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this The instructions are eventually accepted and executed by the AGV – the excipients are delivered to the appropriate location.

(2) charging automation;

When the power of the AGV car is about to run out, it will send a request command to the system to request charging (the general technician will set a value in advance), and automatically "queue" the charging to the charging place after the system allows it.

In addition, the battery life of the AGV trolley is related to the type of battery used. With a lithium battery, it can maintain 80% of electrical energy storage when the number of times of charging and discharging reaches 500 times.

(3) Aesthetics, improve viewing, and thus enhance the image of the company.

(4) Convenience, reduce the floor space; AGV trolleys in the production workshop can shuttle back and forth in various workshops.

Based on industrial intelligent technology, Danbach is committed to providing intelligent solutions for intelligent factories and intelligent logistics systems, and providing high-tech innovative enterprises supporting core technology products.

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