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Many companies choose AGV handling robots

There are many types of AGV trucks, such as loading trucks and tractors. When the volume and quality of the cargo are relatively small, the loading truck will be used. When the cargo is bulky and the quantity is large, the tractor will be used.

Traction AGV can pull the cargo forward and form a train-like transport. The price of an AGV truck is tens of thousands of yuan, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The specific price should be priced according to the equipment and equipment of the AGV product and the fine operation that can be carried out.

agv handling robot

The positioning and path planning system of the mobile robot is indispensable. The SLAM technology realizes the laser AGV to determine its own position while constructing the environmental model, solving the problem of AGV robot positioning and mapping, and realizing the key preconditions of laser AGV autonomy.

The automatic planning path is impossible for manpower. When the worker first arrives at the factory, he needs to work with the environment for a while. Due to limited capacity, workers are unable to carry too much cargo at one time. In a factory with a large production volume, if the warehouse is not in place, it will have a series of effects on the follow-up work, and the AGV truck can easily solve these problems.

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