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What are the problems in the selection of agv car battery?

AGV battery performance directly affects the life of AGV cars! When choosing an agv battery, we can determine the battery specification model from the battery's communication protocol, voltage, weight, ambient temperature, safety, and cycle life:

1, Communication protocol

At present, the communication protocols of AGV car batteries mainly include: RS485, RS232, CAN. The BMS module of the battery is selected according to the communication protocol.

2, voltage

Here, the voltage and material of the lithium battery should be determined by considering the rated voltage and the maximum voltage at the output. The rated voltage of the battery should not be lower than the rated voltage of the motor. However, the full voltage of the battery should not be higher than the maximum voltage of the device. Therefore, it is sometimes seen that the voltage of the agv battery is a 12-string ternary lithium battery with a full-voltage of 50.4V instead of the commonly used 24V or 48V.

agv car battery

3, electricity consumption

If the power consumption is large or high-power discharge, such as lithium battery capacity exceeds 1.5 degrees, in the case of weight and size can be satisfied, it is recommended to use iron-lithium batteries, because the safety of use should be considered.

4, discharge power

If the discharge current is above 120A, it is also recommended to use a lithium iron battery.

5, the use of the environment

If the operation is in a harsh environment with high temperature or road conditions, lithium iron phosphate battery can be used. A ternary lithium battery can be used under special low temperature conditions.

6, manufacturers

Taking into account the cost of AGV lithium battery cost, after-sales cost and unexpected conditions during transportation, it is necessary to choose a professional AGV battery manufacturer to customize. Such agv batteries mainly inspect the battery core, the BMS template (especially with the communication protocol), and the assembly process. The battery core is selected by the first-line manufacturer with genuine batteries and BMS solutions. The assembly process is best to use the lithium battery of the new energy bus to achieve accidents such as shockproof and vertical transportation without problems.

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